Welcome to Sustainable Smart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sustainable Smart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides a platform for innovative solutions for improving the quality of life in cities of India. It proposes to create facilities and environment in urban areas and rural areas for accelerated growth in the sectors encompassing health & sanitation, education,water and waste management, tourism & hospitality, culture & heritage, transport including inland waterways and civil aviation.


To provide technical, non-technical, financial, logistics and human resources support for prospective joint venture entities in India for domestic & foreign investors and development of turnkey projects to establish smart cities covering mainly the following sectors :

  • - Solid waste management
  • - Information Technology
  • - Traffic and transport
  • - Tourism and hospitality
  • - Safe drinking water, waste water treatment
  • - Preserving objects of heritage value
  • - Aviation
  • - Health
  • - Education
  • - Energy saving
  • - Preserving environment
  • - Inland Waterways
  • - Promoting, marketing/ supplying, trading and e-commerce
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